Too Many Secrets

by Adele Broadbent

‘Deal!!!’ 12 year old Becs yells when she hears the word Ascot, the college her besties, Caro, Lexi and Suz, plus the cute boys, the netball team and the band are attending. The twist is she has to put up with eight months living in a small shack, living with her mum, her weird stepfather and her tomboy stepsister, Nick (short for Nicola) fixing up an abandoned mansion in the middle of nowhere. The queen of hissy fit is so not impressed until she finds a friend in the bush that brings trouble and a whole lot of secrets!

My favourite character is of course, the drama queen, Becs Burgess, and my favourite part of the book is when the most heart stopping secret is revealed.

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Olivia Rose said:
its so pretty i wish i had the book
Olivia Rose said:
the dog looks pretty i wish my dog lookd just like the dog in the book
Brooke Knowles said:
This book looks so cute I an not wait to read it
Jessamy Holmes said:
this book looks really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nugget is a gorgeuss name!
Annalisa Fleming said:
Really Want Book...... Badly......Want........Book
I reckon it sounds really really (Times100) interesting.

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Too Many Secrets