Casio Graphics Calculator FX9750GII

SKU 2000017535845

10 digits mantissa
2 digits exponent
USB port
61KB memory
LCD display
Requires four AAA batteries
NCEA approved
Sexagesimal calculations
Sexagesimal/decimal conversions
Regression analysis
Binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations
Logical operations
Standard deviation
Paired variables
Permutation and combination
Hyperbolic and Inverse hyperbolic functions
Co-ordinate transformation
ENG conversion
Complex number calculations
Matrix calculations
Integration and differential calculations
Equation calculations
Exponential display
Solve, replay and answer function
Financial calculations
Multi statements
Error recovery
Auto power off

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Product No.2000017535845
Size21 x 88 x 181mm
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Casio Graphics Calculator FX9750GII

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