About Newmarket

 The Newmarket fashion label was founded in 2003 by New Zealand designers James Gilbert and Tony Schollum. They met at ELAM fine arts school in Auckland where they came up with a concept for a leading online fashion boutique which would stock their own in house label Newmarket, amongst other reputable local and international brands.
Newmarket is an on trend yet simple design label targeting 18-30 year olds - focussing on high quality fabrics, clean lines and immaculate fit. Silhouettes, shapes and detailing are chosen based on seasonal styles while staple fabrics, fit and workmanship remain consistent year after year. Newmarket is known for their typically dark fabric choices and subtle accents in leather and sheer silk. Hemlines move from one extreme to the other, favouring the mini and the maxi as common lengths.

Newmarket is now stocked by 25 retailers internationally and 40 retailers locally. Their biggest achievements for 2011 include being stocked on www.asos.com and making their runway debut at Australia Fashion Week.  .