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Illustrated Guide to Naval Aircraft

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This is a complete history of shipborne fighters, bombers, helicopters and flying boats, including the Grumman Helicat, F-4 Phantom, Westland Lynx and Sikorsky Seahawk. It is a comprehensive A to Z directory of 130 of the major naval aircraft, with informative, expert text and over 670 photographs illustrating each type. It examines the history and evolution of naval aircraft from the first flights in 1910 and the rise of naval air power during WWII, through to 21st-century carrier operations. Specification boxes provide at-a-glance information about each aircraft's name, country of origin, first flight, power, armament, size, weight and performance. This meticulously researched and illustrated book charts the complete history of naval aviation, from the pioneering days when biplanes were catapulted from converted destroyers through to the high-performance jets patrolling the world's seas today. In addition to the comprehensive A to Z listing of naval aircraft, the book also focuses on significant technological advances, including carrier evolution, aircraft technology and weaponry, as well as operations in which naval aviation have played significant part, for example Pearl Harbor, Korea and Vietnam. This superb book provides enthusiasts with key information about naval aviation.

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ISBN 9781846813344
No. of pages 256
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