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Daughter of the Storm



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Lia needs to find out why her father jumped from the cliff onto the Devil's Teeth rocks below. The only way to understand what happened is to go to the isolated weather-beaten island herself. However, there's more to the island than cliffs and storms and history. It also has its close-knit people. Like Ed, a young man who's troubled and almost ready to leave; Lia's Uncle Harry and his secretive friends; heavily pregnant Becky and her worried parents Rose and Frank. Everyone is either dreading the violent winter storms to come or, strangely, praying for them. And then there's the Hall, the crumbling, brooding mansion that has held all of the island's secrets for centuries. It's out there, on the edge of the grey sea, and the coming storm will release all that it has hidden. Lia, Ed and the others are trapped on the island by the storm, fighting for more than their survival. They must fight to save their immortal souls.

Product code: 9781781997864

ISBN 9781781997864
Publisher Poolbeg Press Ltd
No. of pages 274
The island is waiting for the first storm of winter. The islanders and even the birds know that when the storm comes, there will be no way to escape what it brings. Rebecca comes looking for answers. Ed needs to leave before it's too late. And out there on the edge of the world, the cliffs, the bones of wrecked ships, and the Hall are waiting too.