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Discovering Vikings



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Beautifully illustrated by leading British illustrator Nick Harris, Discovering Pirates is an authoritative and enthralling account of Viking people and culture for 7 to 11-year-olds. The books 14 sections cover everything from clothes, food, farming, houses, crafts and everyday life, to ships, weapons, sailing, navigation, settlement, myths and legends - and of course the famous visit to Newfoundland around 1000AD. The legendary Vikings from the frozen north have gone down in history as ruthless raiders descending on unsuspecting coasts from their speedy longships. Fearless fighters they may have been, but they were also skilled farmers and talented jewellers and craftspeople. And their expertise as navigators and sailors enabled them to become the first Europeans to reach America, 500 years before Columbus. Discover the real Vikings in this superbly illustrated book, and follow the adventures of Eadred and Guthrum and their famous sword, Leg-Biter, as they leave their homeland and sail west in search of new land to settle. Red Kite Books' Discovering series has two special features setting it apart from the competition: a story told in verse running along the bottom of each spread and a fantastic free gift tucked inside the back cover. In Discovering Pirates, the free gift is a Viking helmet which kids will love!

Product code: 9781905339044

ISBN 9781905339044
Authoritative text, spectacular illustrations, rhyming storyline and free give-aways give these snapshots of history the extra edge.