If Prehistoric Beasts Were Alive Today -

If Prehistoric Beasts Were Alive Today

Imagine If These Mind-Boggling Animals Roamed The Planet Today



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Did you know there were massive animals that existed before and after the dinosaurs Now just imagine if they appeared in the modern world. Couldn't happen could it These monsters died out millions of years ago. But what if they hadn't and... the 8 tonne supercroc Sarcosuchus arrive in an underground station Megalania a 7-metre lizard knocked on your door looking for a meal Paraceratherium the largest land mammal ever came lumbering through New York City

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ISBN 9781910684818
If Prehistoric Beasts Were Alive Today is an area of natural history not often written about but it is fresh and equally as exciting as the history of the dinosaurs. Preceding and surviving the dinosaurs, Prehistoric Beasts resemble some of the animals we see around today...only mega sized!