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Where Do Grains Come From? - pr_18418

Where Do Grains Come From?



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What are grains Where does rice grow How do bags of rice get from factories to shops This series looks at typical examples of different food types and how they are produced for us to eat. The books show us that not all food is local and that our food can either come from large farms and factories or small local places - we can even grow some foods ourselves Looking at fruit vegetables grains and meat through focusing on how oranges carrots rice and beef are produced we can see that the food we eat often has to go through a long journey from farm to fork.

Product code: 9781474721288

ISBN 9781474721288
This fascinating book looks at how grains are produced, taking the rice we eat as an example. It shows us how rice is planted, grown then harvested, and how it is then shipped to supermarkets or stores to land on our tables. It highlights that not all food is local, often coming from very far afield.