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In The Clearing

By J. P. Pomare

Trade Paperback


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Product code: 9781869713393

ISBN 9781869713393
On Sale Date 31/12/2019
another breathtaking page-turner from the author of CALL ME EVIE' - Christian White, bestselling author of The Nowhere Child

HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILY? Set in the Australian hinterland, In the Clearing draws inspiration from real stories of one of Australia's most infamous cults.

Customer Reviews

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In The Clearing

Fiona, Auckland - January 2020

If you have a fascination with cults, this is the book for you! Amy is a teenager living in an isolated 'cult' in the Clearing. It's an isolated community, where the kids are raised by the Elders through a routine of love and punishment, brainwashing and deprivation, fear and isolation and they're lead to believe that everyone outside of their community is a threat - including authority figures like Police. Freya lost her first son, so is understandably overly-cautious when it comes to protecting her second son Billy. Her isolated property is a safe house – fence, alarm, dog, shutters, panic button, even a fire bunker – Freya is prepared for anything. Or is she? Freya and Amy's worlds are about to collide, with devastating consequences. IN THE CLEARING is one of those novels that hooks you immediately and I found myself going back to check things because you need to pay attention to everything in this book! Lots of lovely twists and turns, the final outcome is totally worth the read! The book is written in alternating paragraphs from Amy and Freya, and contains excerpts from Amy's diary - some pretty disturbing things in there, but written in a slightly oblique way so as to give the reader space to imagine for themselves. I've not read any of JP Pomare's previous books, but if IN THE CLEARING is anything to go by, I most certainly will be. A great read. Keep the lights on.