Deadman Cove and The Xeno Project - pr_17222

Deadman Cove and The Xeno Project

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Deadman Cove, five miles from Hells Canyon in Idaho is a cove of mysteries and bizarre events. Uncovered in this mini-novel are phenomena and events that can not be forgotten. Deadman Cove ground is sacred, and known by the locals that live in the area as haunted. Once a person sidesteps the rattlesnakes and sidewinders' carefully avoiding the Scorpions that person is deep within the great Sacred Grounds of the Nez-Pierce Nation. Paranormal and phenomena's are deeply explored in this novel. Intended for young adult readers, customized to be a millennium wonder unique in its plot and scheming with mysteries. The Xeno Project introduces you to a future world filled with adventure and horror created by two scientists madly in love with each other on the brink of insanity. The first story in the Xeno project series, this story will guide you into the millennia to a place that will frighten you and make you afraid of the future. Stories that lead into a series of books only found in Cal's Realm of Nightmares.

Product code: 9781411643673

ISBN 9781411643673
Dimensions H229xW152xS15
On Sale Date 23/09/2005
No. of pages 268
Mixing insane Researchers with Xenotransplanting "The Xeno Project" has them create new life with the help of unwilling Test Subjects and inventing devils with demonic followers and Xeno mutants. "Deadman Cove" is an adventure into the unknown and a deserted Rest Area named Deaman Cove, and it sets on the Snake River in Washington State.