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This whole idea didn't really start as an idea at first. It started as a few seconds of late night therapy for me at the end of a long/busy or not so busy day. It was a time to unwind and just release whatever thoughts were lingering in my head at that moment. Sometimes the thoughts are related to my emotions at that time. Sometimes they are related to different people I was observing. Sometimes they are related to things happening in the world or stories that I hear from friends. Sometimes it feels like the words are spilling out of my heart valves directly onto my phones screen. Sometimes I am crying before, during or after writing them.Sometimes I can't contain the corners of my mouth from curling up the entire time I write.I started off by saying to myself... "Lets see if I can write one poem every night for the next month." 30 days seemed like a good measure of time. And then one month turned into three, and now it's been almost a year since I started! I thought at some point it would start to feel more like a chore than a release. But it hasn't. I must admit sometimes the words flow faster than others. But overall, there is always something I'm feeling whether big or small. And just before I tuck into bed, that thought no matter how big or small, inspires me to remember how beautiful, complicated, ever-changing and euphoric life can be. With the simplest of words I've been able to stay tuned into myself and what I need at the end of the day. This way I can better asses what I may need in the morning as well.

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