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Deja Vu



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In the year 2023 Saskia Brandt, detective with the European FIB, comes back from holiday newly single, tired and full of sadness. Heading straight back to the office she finds no peace, only her receptionist dead and no suspects. Given only 12 hours to clear her name she sets to work on unravelling the mystery, one that proves greater than the sum of its parts. David Proctor is just an academic eating his breakfast until he gets a phone-call telling him the prototype computer - Ego - he has been loaned is now the only one left. Meanwhile someone has broken into his house, someone who wants him to go back to the lab where his wife died in a bomb attack 20 years before. As the mysteries and intrigue envelop Saskia and David they are forced to unpick their own pasts. Because in Deja Vu you find that things aren't as they seem, truth is a matter of perspective and that the past can change just as quickly as the future. Deja Vu is a taut science fiction thriller that will keep you guessing, a gripping read and a sharp reflection on identity in a digital world.

Product code: 9781907389221

ISBN 9781907389221
Dimensions (HxWxD in mm) H198xW130xS21
No. Of Pages 324
Publisher Red Squirrel Publishing
A literary science fiction thriller in the vein of P. K. Dick. In 2023, Saskia Brandt has 12 hours to find a murderer and clear her name. The investigation will lead her do challenge her identity. David Proctor is on the run with a prototype AI, seeking justice for his dead wife. Whilst in the USA the testing of a time machine is nearly complete.