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Crowdfunding Intelligence

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Investment Funds on the Internet

By Christopher Buckingham



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Crowdfunding's time has arrived! Through the power of the Internet, it represents one of the most exhilarating ways to raise investment funds for your dream project. It enables you to get exposure in the public domain and can mean a seal of approval being given to your ideas by the masses. Developed from crowdsourcing - where people get together to generate ideas and solve problems - crowdfunding is an extension of this, only now the crowd add money (funding) to a project. It offers investment solutions to project needs in all sorts of fields, from apps to zoos. This book provides unrivalled explanations and frameworks to help any entrepreneur or business to prepare and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign and raise the capital they need. It contains expert insights and advice from the major players in the sector, including the leading crowdfunding sites, on how success can be achieved.

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ISBN 9781907794988
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No. of pages 256
Publisher LID Publishing
An insider's guide to crowdfunding - the fastest growing way to raise money for companies and entrepreneurs.