365 Reasons To Be Cheerful -

365 Reasons To Be Cheerful

Magical Moments to Cheer Up Miserable Sods... One Day at a Time



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Every day newspapers these days are usually reporting misery, bad times, death, destruction, meltdown, recession and there's always some grumpy old sod constantly reporting about all the evil things going in the world. And they're right. there is a lot of that going about.But don't let that get down. Look on the bright side of life! Such memorable dates include February 24th (Mardi Gras!), 11th June (Ferris Bueller's Day Off!), July 5th (the day the bikini was introduced), October 15th (Mexican Wave was invented!) and December 31st (Hogmanay). there are so many reasons to be happy!365 Reasons to Be Cheerful is a diary of the year, a celebration of the good days throughout history, and a nice pick-me-up in these worrying and troubled times. It's hilarious, uplifting and fun-spirited - designed to make everybody look on the bright side of life!

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ISBN 9781906032968
365 Reasons To Be Cheerful is designed to look on the bright side of life every day of the year - the perfect pint-sized pick-me-up in these sobering, sombre times.