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Beyond Intent

Crossing the Threshold to Your Dreams

Trade Paperback


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How to get un-stuck and propel yourself forward to cross the threshold to your dreams. We take our first few steps in a new direction with a new thought process and have some partial success. But soon our momentum crawls to a stop until eventually we are stuck. How did we get stuck and more important, how do we get un-stuck? This is the first book that helps explain why you got stuck and shows in both practical and spiritual nuances, how to get un-stuck. Gary writes about the numerous nuances of our behavior, beliefs, thoughts and actions that create our experiences. We have been taught the fundamentals of manifesting, but often these powerful nuances of our everyday thoughts, beliefs and actions are overlooked. You will discover how to finally break through the barriers in your mindset preventing you from reaching success and finally cross the threshold of your dreams. He has truly mastered the nuances to a depth beyond your imagination. This is a must read especially when all other quick-fix modalities have left you without your goal of desire. Gary, keeps his message in down to earth terms that all can understand. Truly this is a must read for all genres!! Janyelle Huff, Intuitive NLP Practitioner. Finally, a book to show the importance of the nuances beyond intention into the art of fulfillment and living your dreams. At last, the author gives the reader true tools that go beyond the simplicity of the law of attraction. Christine Marie Peters MA Radio Co-Host of Life with The Girlfriends Beyond Intent is not only a book, but a COMPASS for you when you feel stuck in life. It will pick you up and show the way to a smart and beautiful solution to different setbacks you may experience. Real life is a journey and with a compass like this, you will never feel stuck and lost again. Solvita Bennett, Founder of This book gives you no excuses and nowhere to hide but instead every reason to have that which you desire in your life. It goes beyond surface level manifestation and teaches you how to create the life you desire. Ask Coach Bobbi, Author of 12 Steps to Self Empowerment Gary Spinell fine tunes our understanding of manifesting our desires and helps us understand how the world is our mirror, reflecting back to us what is going on in our inner world of thoughts, feelings, subconscious beliefs and fears. This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt stuck. Estra Roell, America's Life Purpose Coach

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