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You Already Know How To Be Great

A simple way to remove interference and unlock your potential - at work and at home

By Alan Fine, Rebecca R. Merrill

Trade Paperback


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According to Alan Fine, every one of us has the capacity for greatness. So what is it that's stopping us from reaching our true potential The answer: too much information. Most people who want to get better at hitting golf shots, negotiating with clients, delivering presentations, or any field of endeavour - seek out new information. They read a book, take a class, employ an expert tutor. But as Alan Fine has learned from many years of coaching athletes and businesspeople, this 'outside-in' approach often doesn't produce the results people want. More information becomes a distraction rather than a solution, and high performance remains elusive. Fortunately, there is a better way. Fine has developed and honed a unique 'inside-out' approach to performance improvement which is not about gaining new knowledge, but instead about using the knowledge you already have. Through a simple four-step process, Fine shows how to remove the obstacles that get in the way of applying your existing skills to unlock your natural potential. No matter who you are or what you do, this book will help you get better.

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ISBN 9780749955786
Dimensions H158xW234xS20
No. of pages 256
Publisher Little, Brown Book Group
On Sale Date 29/11/2011
Alan Fine shares his unique method of coaching which he has used effectively with businesses and sports personalities. It recognises that top performance comes from removing the obstacles that block us from doing what we already know how to do.