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The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms



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Any student of a foreign language can tell you that sometimes the dictionary just doesn't cut it - you come across a string of mystifying words, look them up individually in the dictionary, try and piece together the larger meaning, then give up. Now imagine that when you encountered such a phrase, you could simply look it up in The Big Red Book of Spanish Idioms and immediately know its meaning. That is exactly what this new Spanish reference title will enable learners to do; quickly, easily look up Spanish idioms and phrases that they come across and get an English idiomatic equivalent. This innovative reference tool also allows the user to look up an English phrase and get its Spanish idiomatic equivalent. In addition to the over 4,000 Spanish idioms listed in this work (arranged by keyword), a main feature will be the index that cross-references the phrases. All the key words from the English translations or equivalents are listed, allowing the user to access the material from English as well as Spanish. Using an English word or phrase, you will be able to find an appropriate Spanish idiom - as opposed to creating a literal translation in Spanish that means nonsense. The main benefits over the main competition (Barron's 2001 Spanish and English Idioms) are: more idioms, while costing USD2 less; a portable reference tool, perfect for bringing to class or throwing into a backpack; more useful for English users, as the English index leads you to the required Spanish idiom (not additional English idioms)

Product code: 9780071433020

ISBN 9780071433020
A guide to idioms used in Spanish and English. It is filled with 4,000 idioms arranged according to Spanish keywords; 1,800 Spanish keywords and their English equivalents; 1,800 example sentences for guidance in usage; 8,000 matching English expressions; and an English-Spanish Index.