Political Discourses in African Thought - pr_209262

Political Discourses in African Thought

1860 to the Present

By Pieter Boele vanHensbroek



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The dominant issues in African political thought from the 1960s onwards have been "development" and "socialism". In the present decade new issues have arisen such as democracy, civil society, the nation-state and the relevance of "traditional" political institutions. Typically, however, these new issues have been discussed in models of thought which already served in the 1960s or even before. Boele van Hensbroek aims to provide the necessary insight into the history of African political thought as well as an analytical framework to clarify contemporary African discourses on democracy. He proceeds in three steps. First, the most important discussions in the last 150 years are presented. A fascinating history emerges, from the great 19th century theorists such as Edward Blyden and Africanus Horton to prominent nationalists such as Kwame Nkrumah and Amilcar Cabral, and to contemporary African intellectuals. Second, the African history of ideas show that particular models of thought recur which can be reconstructed as three consistent "models" of thought. Finally, the relevance of the history of ideas and philosophical analysis of models of thought can be shown by providing a new perspective on contemporary debates on democracy in Africa.

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ISBN 9780275964948
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Publisher ABC-CLIO
Provides analyses of the most important African political theorists over the last 150 years.