Life as a Casketeer - pr_1724141

Life as a Casketeer

By Francis & Kaiora Tipene

Trade Paperback


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What the Business of Death Can Teach the Living

Product code: 9781775541486

ISBN 9781775541486
On Sale Date 04/02/2020
Stars of the hit television series The Casketeers, as seen on Netflix A celebration of life and death. A book to make you laugh and cry. A deep, funny and personal story about the lives of New Zealand's favourite undertakers, Francis and Kaiora Tipene

Customer Reviews

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A truly insightful book that makes for fascinating reading

Sue, Masterton Paper Plus - February 2020

You’ve seen the TVNZ show and now you can read about the big-hearted duo Francis and Kaiora - funeral directors in Auckland. “They’re changing the way we think about death and grief. Life As A Casketeer reveals how Francis and Kaiora grew up in families that had few possessions but were rich with love and tikanga, and how they came to work in their often misunderstood profession. It’s also a book about the Maori worldview and traditional funeral customs. The Tipenes make death feel less mysterious and life feel more precious. This book is a love for whanau, culture and each other.” A truly insightful book that makes for fascinating reading and reflects the caring, compassionate nature of the Tipenes working in a very unique field of work.