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Our Solar System

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This informative poster features a diagram of the solar system. The path of each planet's orbit around the sun is indicated, and a mnemonic is given to help remember their order. Alongside the image of every planet, a 'fact card' gives its distance from the sun, diameter at equator, mass, time taken for one rotation, time taken to orbit the sun and number of moons. Three further diagrams indicate the effect of the sun in creating night and day, the moon's relationship to the earth and the alignment of sun, earth and moon needed for an eclipse.

Product code: 9780721755748

ISBN 9780721755748
Dimensions H770xW530
Series Laminated posters
Publisher Schofield & Sims Ltd
Features colorful pictures and information that helps children to learn about the nine planets which make up our solar system. This chart contains facts about each planet including their distance from the sun. It is intended for whole-class teaching, group or individual work.