Willpower! -


How to Master Self-control



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Given the chance, most people prefer to think in ways that make them feel confident, relaxed, secure, positive and optimistic. So what's stopping them? The simple answer is learned behaviours, usually from negative influences in their life. We all learn by imitation, so if our childhood was marked by criticism from parents and teachers, we tend to develop exaggerated powers of self-criticism. Nothing we do is good enough, and we talk ourselves into believing that nothing ever will be. This cycle of negativity becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that saps our will to change things for the better. Gillian Riley's inspirational book gets to the roots of willpower, explaining how it develops and how it can be increased. She offers strategies to overcome negative thoughts and build motivation, thereby improving confidence and self-esteem, two vital components of willpower. These in turn will help you to: - Affirm your sense of self-worth and ability - Improve relationships - Overcome addictive behaviours - Inspire and encourage others - Achieve your dreams - Enhance your life

Product code: 9780091887698

ISBN 9780091887698
This title unlocks the secrets of overcoming negative behaviour and beliefs, building self-esteem and creating the will to live the life you want. This book gets to the roots of will power explaining how it develops and how it can be increased.