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Mother Nature's Game Changer



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The keys to happiness, long-term fulfilment and optimal health lie in emulating authentic patterns of human behaviour. In a world teeming with pro-breakfast propaganda, modern society has overlooked fasting in favour of eating at frequent intervals. But I would argue that eating frequently is not a natural pattern of human behaviour. And that we have made a sizeable mistake to neglect fasting in recent years. One of the most beneficial things we can do regarding when we eat is something we've been doing for a long time. Our ancestors did it, the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians did it, several religions continue to do it and many people are waking up and starting to do it today. It's free, it's easy, it enhances the enjoyment of food and it will simplify your life. It's fasting. And it could be exactly the game changer you've been looking for. In this book, we will: - Cover the principles of fat loss and how fasting can help to engineer a sustainable healthy lifestyle. - Show how to implement fasting into your lifestyle. - Investigate the myriad benefits of fasting outside of effortless fat loss. - Explore the properties of prolonged fasting and what to expect. - Dive into the brain and examine how fasting interacts with our most precious organ. - Analyse the big challenges we face today, such as obesity, diabetes and mental health issues, and see if a fasting lifestyle can help. - Debunk any myths you may have heard about fasting, and also answer the most frequently asked questions. From effortless fat loss to becoming the best version of yourself, the benefits of fasting are many. And not only is it free, it could save you a few bob, too. It's time to change the game.

Product code: 9781916272408

ISBN 9781916272408
Publisher Goodlifetheory
No. Of Pages 320
Dimensions (HxWxD in mm) H198xW129xS23
An exploration of how incorporating fasting into a modern lifestyle can optimise health, fat loss, and happiness.