Parkinson's Disease -

Parkinson's Disease

Reducing Symptoms with Nutrition and Drugs

By Geoffrey Leader, Lucille Leader

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"Above all you have given us hope, help and a means to manage this disease." R. McNally, County Dublin, Ireland "This timely volume provides an easily accessible and scientifically referenced source of information on the diverse aspects of drugs and nutrition." Professor Leslie Findley, Medical Advisor to The European Parkinson's Disease Association "To me, nutrition now forms the platform for drug therapy and other contributory factors to my well-being. To anyone with or touched by Parkinson's, I commend this book to you. It is an indispensable tool to help you to help yourself...Read on and reap the benefits!" Tom Isaacs, Co-Founder, The Cure Parkinson's Trust, UK "In timing the L-dopa as the book says, I feel much better!" V. R., PD Person, Southampton, UK The REVISED EDITION of this groundbreaking book offers a powerful blending of nutritional and pharmaceutical benefits, presenting the latest drugs and nutrients in the therapeutic approach and management of Parkinson's disease. In user-friendly, easy-to-follow style, it aims to reduce distressing symptoms, improve general functional health and promote well-being in people with Parkinson's disease. It clearly explains the effects of nutrition and medication on the brain and general metabolism, thereby empowering the reader to plan a more predictable and personalized management approach. This innovative book is suitable for Healthcare Professionals, Parkinson's Sufferers and Caregivers alike. It is also appropriate for students of medicine, nutrition and dietetics, presenting underlying biochemistry and scientific references. The authors are recognized internationally as pioneers in the field of nutritional management of Parkinson's Disease and have received a "Quality of Life in Parkinson's Award" in the USA and "The CAM Highly Commended Outstanding practice Award" in the UK. They have contributed to journals, lecture internationally at Parkinson's Disease congresses and have written other books on Parkinson's Disease. The many topics presented in this book include: * Drug-nutrient interactions (L-dopa and food) * Best combinations of food and drugs for effectiveness & reducing dyskinesia * Smoothing out the "on-off" period * Individualizing drug dosage with special monitoring charts * Improving bowel function and constipation, * Weight control * Supporting energy and blood sugar regulation * Biochemical tests to establish deficiencies/excesses * Nutritional supplements and diet for cellular deficiencies or excesses * Intravenous nutritional support * Stabilizing cell membranes * Cooking methods, diet, antioxidants and environmental awareness to reduce harmful free radicals * Recipes for L-dopa users with family and friends * Solutions for chewing, swallowing and malabsorption problems * Sexuality and Sleep - practical recommendations * Stress management and the "dopamine connection" * Optimum recovery from surgery * After antibiotics - restoring intestinal immunity with probiotics * Caregivers Needs * Explanation of how the body and brain make dopamine from nutritional factors (biochemistry)

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