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Toddler Whispering

By Sharlene Poole



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1 to 5 The Preschool Years

Product code: 9780143772897

ISBN 9780143772897
Series 1 to 5 The Preschool Years
On Sale Date 03/03/2020
A companion guide to the incredibly successful book Baby Whispering, which covered the first year of a baby's life.
This new book covers the following four years, divided into two main age groups (1 to 2 and 2 to 5) looking at commonly asked questions from parents, plus material on routines, significant changes during these times, sleeping, eating, toilet training, screen time, behaviour management, sibling adjustment, different personalities, child care options and more.

Customer Reviews

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credible and authentic

Sue, Masterton Paper Plus - April 2020

Newest from the bestselling author of Baby Whispering – New Zealand’s parenting educator, Sharlene Poole. Having worked together with families for 20 plus years, Sharlene comes with advice and her ‘whispering’ guide with credibility and authenticity. Covering ages 1-5 years – the pre-school years, many will appreciate her practical approach. “Tears and tantrums, nap times, toilet training, screen time, fussy eating – once your sweet little baby enters the toddler years, many new challenges arise. Sharlene Poole, offers expert and easy to read advice on all these topics and more. From great development play ideas to age-appropriate routines, childcare options and adjusting to a new sibling, Sharlene’s suggestions will help smooth the path towards calm parenting and happy, well-adjusted pre-schoolers…it’s a book even the most tired parent can use!”