Four Days in September: The Battle of Teutoburg -

Four Days in September: The Battle of Teutoburg



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For twenty years, the Roman Empire conquered its way through modern-day Germany, claiming all lands from the Rhine to the Elbe. However, when at last all appeared to be under control, a catastrophe erupted that claimed the lives of 10,000 legionnaires and laid Rome's imperial ambitions for Germania into the dust. In late September of 9 AD, three Roman legions, while marching to suppress a distant tribal rebellion, were attacked in a four-day battle with the Germanic barbarians. The Romans, under the leadership of the province's governor, Publius Quinctilius Varus, were taken completely by surprise, betrayed by a member of their own ranks: the German officer and secret rebel leader, Arminius. The defeat was a heavy blow to both Rome's military and its pride. Though the disaster was ruthlessly avenged soon afterwards, later attempts at conquering the Germans were half-hearted at best. 'Four Days in September' thoroughly examines the ancient sources and challenges the hypotheses of modern scholars to present a clear picture of the prelude to the battle, the fighting itself and its aftermath. AUTHOR: Jason R. Abdale received his BA cum laude and MA in History at Queen's College. He is a specialist in tribal history and culture, with an emphasis on ancient European tribes. SELLING POINTS: Reappraisal of one of the most famous battles of the ancient period. A significant defeat for Rome with far-reaching strategic consequences, a major setback to Roman expansion. The German leader, Arminius, the mastermind behind this large-scale ambush has sometimes been presented as a German national hero. Arminius was a former Roman auxiliary; his betrayal adds to the human interest Draws on up to date research and archaeological investigation on the location and course of the fighting. 5 maps / diagrams / 6 photos

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Reappraisal of one of the most famous battles of the ancient period.