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Issues of Westward Expansion



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A rich resource of pro and con primary documents and commentary on the issue of Westward expansion Are Americans entitled to a "Manifest Destiny"? How did Lewis and Clark's expedition open the door to the West? How should Americans have handled Indian and Mexican land claims in their march across the West to the Pacific? What was the effect of western expansion on the institution of slavery? What arguments fueled the issue of importing Chinese laborers to help build the transcontinental railroad? Why were government leaders opposed to Mormons settling in the West? These are among the 13 key issues of Western expansion covering the period from the early 1800s through the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Students will be able to debate these issues and apply critical thinking skills using this rich resource of expert commentary and 73 primary documents, contemporary to the time, that represent a variety of views on each issue. Documents include presidential letters and speeches, first-person accounts and letters, newspaper and magazine opinion pieces, court decisions, and congressional debates. Voices range from those of presidents to ordinary people caught up in the events of the time. Other issues covered are Indian removal, Texas annexation and the war with Mexico, the Homestead Act, the Sand Creek massacre, the battle of Little Big Horn, the creation of Yellowstone National Park, and Wounded Knee 1890. A narrative overview of each event, the text of carefully selected primary source documents representing a variety of opposing views on each issue, and ready reference materials will help students to understand the conflicting issues behind these events. The documents provide insight into the views of people involved in the decisions, actions, and criticisms of each event covered. A helpful annotated bibliography following each event and a timeline of key events will aid the student researcher.

Product code: 9780313311673

ISBN 9780313311673
Series Major Issues in American History
Edition Annotated edition
No. Of Pages 320
Publisher ABC-CLIO
This volume presents pro and con primary documents and commentary issues of westward expansion covering the period from the early 1800s through the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.