PenguinKind: 500 Small Sustainable Actions Under $100 -

PenguinKind: 500 Small Sustainable Actions Under $100



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Thoughtful, witty, well-researched, and more than a little timely, PenguinKind is the book which will change the way we think about the role citizens play in addressing the catastrophe facing Planet Earth - showing us that hundreds of little sustainable actions done together will have a bigger impact than we could ever imagine.

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ISBN 9780473511753
On Sale Date 04/09/2020
The PenguinKind list of 500 small sustainable actions under $100 challenges preconceptions that leaning into a sustainable lifestyle is inconvenient, quality compromising or expensive. If anything, PenguinKind is the inspiration to be a better version of ourselves, with minimum stress and financial outlay. This simple step-by-step guide to living, eating and buying in a way that considers our impact on nature, can be effortlessly adapted to fit your lifestyle and personal taste. With the added perk that helping save the Planet, could also save you money.

New Zealand born Carolyn Managh combines just the right balance of delightfully written musings, delicious recipes, practicality, and Kiwi common sense. Peppered among the chapters covering most rooms of the house, special occasions and travelling out and about, are charming character profiles of the penguin species in New Zealand, prepared by German field scientist, Dr Thomas Mattern. As the indicator species for ocean health, penguins are represented in this book as the ambassadors for all wildlife, to remind us of what's at risk if humankind does not rapidly start thinking about more than ourselves. With one-third of the world's penguin population in New Zealand and its Sub-Antarctic Islands, profits from PenguinKind will help fund scientific research and conservation tracking programmes for Antipodean penguins, through Global Penguin Society and NZ Penguin Initiative.
Other contributors to the book include renowned Italian chef Massimo Bottura and his charitable foundation dedicated to eliminating food waste, Food for Soul; Love Food, Hate Waste NZ; President Global Society, Dr Pablo Garcia Borboroglu; and denim veteran Maurizio Donadi's Atelier & Repairs.
Packed with stories about Carolyn's journey to becoming PenguinKind, woven with stunning penguin photography by Richard Robinson and beautiful illustrations by Italian designer Andrea Tarella, this book will show you how to ramp up your contribution towards a more oceankind footprint, with the least of amount of effort.