Story Of Genetics, Development And Evolution, The: A Historical Dialogue - pr_340855

Story Of Genetics, Development And Evolution, The: A Historical Dialogue



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This unique story offers an introductory conversation to genetics, embryology and evolution, taking us on a historical journey of biology through the ages. Using a series of dialogues between the Greek philosopher Democritus and his disciple Alkimos, we travel through time visiting eminent scientists throughout the centuries, from Lazzaro Spallanzani and Theodor Boveri to Francis Crick, Max Perutz and Christiane Nusslein-Volhard. We find ourselves at the intersection of competing theories in biology and witness the progression from the debunking the theory of spontaneous generation to the mapping of the genome. Attention is given not only to the great successes in the field but also to the equally important and exciting failures.Originally published in Hungarian, The Story of Genetics, Development and Evolution provides a historical background to the life sciences, with complex scientific concepts stripped down and explained carefully for academics and anyone interested in going back to the roots and philosophies of scientific progress.Translated from: Jekely G Master, are you awake? A fictitious dialogue on genetics, development and evolution. 2006, Bratislava: Kalligram

Product code: 9781786342539

ISBN 9781786342539
No. of pages 540
Publisher World Scientific Europe Ltd