The Character of Physical Law -

The Character of Physical Law



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Based on the "Messenger Lectures", given by the Nobel Prize-winner Feynman at Cornell and filmed by the BBC, this book explores the nature of the laws of physics (in particular, those of Newton, Maxwell and Einstein) and their relationship to mathematical formulation. Why does nature seem subject to simple mathematical laws, to what extent are there laws inherent in nature itself, and to what extent are they human creations, effective in predicting results but no more "real" than a work of art? - these are a few of the theoretical questions addressed in a rich and accessible book that sums up the essential scientific quest.

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ISBN 9780140175059
Gives the author's own unique take on the puzzles and problems that lie at the heart of physics, from Newton's Law of Gravitation to mathematics as the supreme language of nature, from the mind-boggling question of whether time can go backwards to the exciting search for new scientific laws.