The Elements of Murder -

The Elements of Murder

A History of Poison



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How can a chemical we need to keep us healthy be fatal at a different dose? Why should elements that are intrinsically dangerous be used in medicine? Which chemicals in our environment pose the biggest threats to our health today? This enthralling story shows how humans have used chemicals to both help and harm one another throughout history, and the chemistry behind it all. It covers poisons over the ages and their common motivations for use (for example arsenic and adultery once went hand in hand), and deliberate as well as accidental poisonings (such as the discovery and misuse of lead). The Elements of Murder responds to the growing public interest in biochemistry and forensic science.

Product code: 9780192806000

ISBN 9780192806000
What killed Charles II? Who thought he had discovered the perfect poison? Why did hatters go mad? This is an account of murderous chemical elements. Through stories of innocent blunders, poisoners of various hues - cold, cunning, desperate - and deaths that remain a mystery, it uncovers the dark side of the Periodic Table.