Surfing Your Solar Cycles -

Surfing Your Solar Cycles



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* Use the magic of astrology's Solar Cycles to design and manifest your dreams * Uncover the astrology Cycles unique to you, and how to use them to shift your reality - each and every month of your life * Find the perfect times to launch or wait, build or tear down, go solo or team up * Figure out your current possibilities and potential pitfalls * Your Lifetime Guide to your Annual Life Cycles.

Product code: 9781902405827

ISBN 9781902405827
No. Of Pages 320
Publisher Wessex Astrologer Ltd
An innovative approach to numerology which explores the 0 and its impact when positioned with the nine numbers of the traditional Chinese Lo Shu grid. With simple instructions and many fascinating case histories, including her husband David Helfgott, Gillian shows how we can use numbers in a practical and effective way to understand our lives.