Faith Is for Weak People -

Faith Is for Weak People

Responding to the Top 20 Objections to the Gospel



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Every day that we interact with the world, we are in a battle. At stake is the eternal destiny of the souls of our friends, family members, and coworkers. It is a battle we wage not only in prayer but also in words. When we are faced with objections to the faith we profess, are we ready to respond? Apologist and evangelist Ray Comfort has spent his entire career answering objections to the faith, and he wants you to be equipped to do the same. In this practical book, he shows you how to answer 20 objections to Christianity, including questions such as - What physical proof is there that God even exists? - Why does a "loving" God threaten eternal torture for not believing in him? - If there's an all-powerful God, why is the world so out of control? Don't go into battle unarmed. Let Ray Comfort train you to be ready with an answer, not so you can be right, but so you can help bring people from darkness into light.

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ISBN 9780801093982
Popular author and renowned street apologist shares how to answer the twenty most-asked questions and objections to the gospel biblically, effectively, and with intellectual honesty.