GOD Himself Clothed Them -

GOD Himself Clothed Them

By Claire Hope Ruebeck-Graham

Trade Paperback


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Jesus Himself loved the little town of Bethany where most of this story takes place. This book shares some of the trials and blessings that one group of people shared with one another while they carried the gospel to people of the world, always praying of returning to God's Holy Land. The very destiny of mankind is tied to God's Covenant Land. The stories, of course, are fictitious, but based on many of the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ the Son of God. Through all the difficulties that His Followers will experience, the Living Word, Jesus Christ, Son of God has been passed down through generations of Believers by His indwelling Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, Himself, suffered. His beard had been plucked out, face had been slapped by many people, back beaten into strips, a crown of thorns driven into his head by a scepter and nails hammered into His wrists and feet to a tree. Bethany was only a short distance from where He Himself had hung naked, silent and condemned as lots were cast for His clothing. As Jesus Christ suffered and died, so did the nation of Israel. His friends and followers witnessed His suffering of nakedness and then saw Him in the power of His Resurrection, overcoming death, hell and the grave then clothed and ascend to Heaven. Claire, the author of The Swaddling Cloths, The Cloth of Many Names and the third of the series; GOD Himself Clothed Them. Last words of a person are a legacy to those left behind. She lives in Oceanside, California and believes the Grace of GOD washes over lives like the rolling waves over the sand.

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