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The Future of Christology

Jesus Christ for a Global Age



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The Future of Christology addresses the questions that Christology currently faces and/or will face in the future in 12 topics. The book consists of two parts. In the first part Kim deals with five topics related to traditional Christology, while in the second part he wrestles with seven topics related to issues of Christology. The 21st century is a challenging time for Christianity. Changes in values, worldviews, and views of the universe that have occurred in various fields of the humanities, society, history, culture, and the natural sciences are in the process of forming a new zeitgeist. As the times and ways of thinking change, statements regarding Christ should change accordingly. A Christology that fails to communicate meaningfully with the times is indeed void of vitality. Postmodernism, dehistoricization and post-ideology, multiculturalism, multiple religions, and, above all, the rapid development of the natural sciences that characterize the 21st century pose a serious challenge to traditional Christology. Our age is asking what Jesus Christ means in the 21st century in various dimensions of history, culture, nature, and even beyond the earth. First of all, it is imperative to understand the questions posed regarding Christology accurately. Who is Christ in the age of an infinite cosmos? How do daily human life, social devotion, and praxis relate to salvation? How can we discuss salvation history in an era of post-history? Where does Christ stand in the public sphere? Can the Chalcedonian definition of the two natures of Christ, "true God and true human being," encompass nature and the cosmos? Would a third nature of Christ be necessary? Will the cyborg, which may appear in the near future, be the object of Christ's salvation? If scientific determinism becomes popular in the future, will the basis of faith in Christ lose ground? If intelligent life exists in the universe, what does Christ mean to such life? This book provides innovative answers to these questions in an academic context.

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As Jesus Christ and Christianity face challenges in the twenty-first century, The Future of Christology provides answers to the questions that Christology currently faces and/or will face in twelve topics such as scientific determinism, multiculturalism, religious pluralism, and dehistoricization.