Why Is There Evil in the World (and So Much of It?) -

Why Is There Evil in the World (and So Much of It?)

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Many people argue that the presence of evil in the world is proof that God cannot exist, or if He does exist, cannot be good or all-powerful. Greg Welty uses biblical exegesis alongside his experience as a philosopher to present a different conclusion. God, the sovereign Creator and Sustainer of the world, really does work all things for good. A must-read for anyone struggling with this issue. Chapter titles include: 1. What is the Problem of Evil? 2. The Greater-Good Theodicy: A Threefold Argument for Three Biblical Themes 3. Licensing the Greater-Good Theodicy: God's Sovereignty over Evil 4. Limiting the Greater-Good Theodicy: The Inscrutability of God's Purposes 5. Can Free Will or the Laws of Nature Solve the Problem of Evil? 6. Objections Appendix: Going Beyond Job, Joseph and Jesus for the Greater-Good Theodicy The Big Ten: Critical Questions Answered is a Christian apologetics series which addresses ten commonly asked questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity. Each book, while easy to read, is challenging and thought-provoking, dealing with subjects ranging from hell to science. A good read whatever your present opinions. The first two titles in the series are: Why Should I Believe Christianity? by James N. Anderson Does Christianity Really Work? by Williams Edgar

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