Why We (still) Believe -

Why We (still) Believe

Standing Firm on Biblical Christianity

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The West has become permeated with a culture that doesn't 'do' God. Many people assert that we have progressed, while Christians are still clinging to out-dated ideas. In Why We (Still) Believe, fourteen contributors focus on several specific contemporary attacks on Christianity, showing why they 'continue in the faith' (Col.1:23). Contributors: Andy Bannister, Iver Martin, John Ellis, Vince Vitale, Maher Samuel, John Blanchard, Joe Barnard, David J. Randall, Stefan Gustavsson, Richard Lucas, David Robertson, Nola Leach, Gordon MacDonald, (the late) Gordon Wilson

Product code: 9781527100886

ISBN 9781527100886
Why We (Still) Believe is written for the western world that is characterised by a secularised culture that doesn't "do" God. Fourteen different authors grapple with certain aspects of Christianity, discussing the ways that these beliefs are commonly attacked and why they "still" believe in Jesus.