Words of Life, Year 3, Student Activity Worksheets - pr_1713663

Words of Life, Year 3, Student Activity Worksheets

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In this teacher/student book set for preadolescent children ages 9-11, you will find excellent commentaries on the Word of God to facilitate the teachings to your students. You will also find practical teachings, lessons illustrated with creativity, and didactical help according to the ages of your children. This book is an excellent help for Sunday school classes, kids clubs, weekly Christian education classes, and any type of Christian teaching you wish to adapt. This is the student activity book. The teacher book is sold separately.

Product code: 9781635801637

ISBN 9781635801637
This publication was designed for pre-adolescent students (9 to 11 years old - 4th, 5th and 6th graders). Corresponds to Year 3 of the cycle of three years of WORDS OF LIFE (pre-adolescent Children) lesson books.