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Quiet for a Tuesday

Solo in the Algerian Sahara



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MICHAEL PALIN'S caption to the photograph in his book "SAHARA": 'Tom Sheppard, doyen of the desert...a passion ...for this part of the Algerian desert.' 'a passion...for this part of the Algerian desert'; ' ...quick, elfin-like energy'; ' ...boyish ..' The one begets the other. This is the story of one of Tom Sheppard's journeys - and touches on a number of others. It's about the spell of space, big skies, the grandeur of landscape, the alchemy of light, the peace of solitude. Sirens that had called many times over the years. Now, for the first time, and to a tally of more than 100,000 miles of desert expeditions and overlanding accumulated over the years - including the first lateral coast-to-coast crossing of the Sahara (for which he gained the Royal Geographical Society's Ness Award) - Tom Sheppard tells the tale of one of his trips: his most recent ...The story of a solo, off-tracks Sahara expedition where he faced ...unusual problems: his maps and satellite images were confiscated in mid-Sahara. But he went on to complete a complex, demanding and, at times, hazardous 700-mile off-piste route to visit and photograph the extraordinary landscapes he was determined to see. A carefully calculated risk, not reckless buccaneering, executed with considerable care. With one or two nasty surprises. Told tongue-in-cheek - with humour, a passion for the desert, a boundless sense of wonder, a love of nature, technical detail - and accompanied by achingly beautiful pictures of Algeria's pristine Sahara. The design and production values of this book are exceptional, minutely-integrated text-and-picture placing and high-definition stochastic print. As Sheppard says, 'Not many in our 'Unh?-wha'?-nah!' society will even notice it .. , but the perceptive few who know books will permit themselves a nod and a slow warm smile. THE STORY: A solo trip in Algeria's remote Sahara is not to be taken lightly. Especially if it is off-tracks - not just off-tarmac. And plans to include a 550 mile sector between places of habitation. But it's what you do if you have tasted well, and know, the bewitching solitude, the beauty, majesty, and dignity of this extraordinary landscape and want to distil it further on camera. Such a journey is not about derring-do. It's about planning, taking it very carefully; being methodical - receptive and appreciative. Then it strikes. Lightning, sandstorm? No; Murphy's Law. Your maps are confiscated. Mid-Sahara. You are suspected of dastardly intent. You must have an escort. There is talk of deportation. Basically, it's all a bizarre misunderstanding. But with the smoke for a future no-smoke-without-fire situation generated and the likelihood this could be the last trip, there's only one pragmatic course of action. Tippy-toe respectfully around the obstacles and devise Plan 'B' - no maps, no guide and keeping your head down. For what turns out to be 700 miles of pristine, uninhabited desert; landscape of sobering magnificence. And that's quite a long way between fuel stations too. This is the story of one journey - and touches on others -told with humour, passion and a sense of wonder valued almost beyond all else.

Product code: 9780953232451

ISBN 9780953232451
Publisher Desert Winds Publishing
No. Of Pages 248
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The story of a solo, off-tracks Sahara expedition where despite confiscation of his maps and satellite images mid-Sahara the author went on to complete a demanding 700-mile off-piste route to visit and photograph the extraordinary landscapes he was determined to see.