Tabitha and the Raincloud -

Tabitha and the Raincloud



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When Tabitha wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, she finds a big raincloud next to her taking up most of the space. Immediately, she knows it's going to be one of those yucky days when nothing seems to go right. But what if she doesn't have to let a raincloud spoil her day? All morning, Tabitha tells the raincloud to go away, but it won't budge. At breakfast, the cloud rains all over her scrambled eggs. At school, she tries to draw a giraffe, but the raincloud distracts her and her art teacher compliments her on her dinosaur! Aaagh! By lunchtime, Tabitha is so stormy that none of her friends want to sit next to her. With the raincloud refusing to leave, Tabitha suddenly realises that she needs to change her attitude. It's not the raincloud that's making her day unpleasant, but how she's choosing to react to it. So, Tabitha fetches her umbrella, raincoat and boots from her locker and starts dancing in the rain. It's not long before her friends join her and they're all having fun together! This is a story of resilience, choices, optimism and perseverance. It's a gentle reminder that we all have stormy days, but we'll get through them if we remember to keep looking on the bright side. And sometimes, we can bring the sunshine out a little bit faster if we dance in the rain!

Product code: 9781925820133

ISBN 9781925820133
No. Of Pages 24
Dimensions (HxWxD in mm) H255xW245
Illustrated By Melissa Johns
Publisher Exisle Publishing
On Sale Date 10/03/2020
As soon as Tabitha wakes up and finds a raincloud next to her, she knows it's going to be one of those yucky days when nothing goes right. Sure enough, Tabitha's mood gets worse and worse, until she realizes that she doesn't have to let a raincloud spoil her day. A heart-warming story of optimism, resilience, and finding sunshine through the rain!