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Paper Plus "Big Deal VIP Club"

Terms and Conditions

The Paper Plus Big Deal VIP Club is a facility which will allow each club member to receive exclusive benefits, additional deals on products and accumulate Big Deal VIP Club Points on qualifying purchases made at any Paper Plus store, online at www.paperplus.co.nz, or at a store or retailer advised by Paper Plus from time to time ("Affiliated Partner"), and are not available to non-Big Deal VIP Club members. Membership to the Big Deal VIP Club programme is free.

These are the terms and conditions ("Terms") upon which a person or business can be a member of the Big Deal VIP Club. Registration for membership in the Big Deal VIP Club is deemed acceptance of these Terms.

The Club

  • The Big Deal VIP Club is managed by Paper Plus New Zealand Limited ("Paper Plus").
  • A Big Deal VIP Club member is a person or business which has applied for membership and completed the sign up process for membership in the Paper Plus Big Deal VIP Club and whose membership has been accepted by Paper Plus ("Member"). There are two categories of membership:
    • Big Deal VIP Club Consumer ("BDC Consumer");
    • Big Deal VIP Club for Business ("BDC Business").
  • Paper Plus will open a Big Deal VIP account for each Member ("Big Deal VIP Club Account"). The Big Deal VIP Club Account (or the Big Deal VIP Club card where one has issued prior to 20 August 2018) is not a credit or charge card/account and no amount standing to the credit of a Big Deal VIP Club Account or card shall be refunded or exchanged for cash.
  • Each application for membership of the Big Deal VIP Club is subject to acceptance by Paper Plus in its absolute discretion.

Earning Big Deal VIP Club Points

  • For every qualifying purchase made by a Member at a Paper Plus store or online at www.paperplus.co.nz, Big Deal VIP Club Points ("BDC Points") will be earned at the following rate: $1.00 spend = 1 Point ("BDC Point Rate")
  • A BDC $5 eVoucher ("Voucher") will be issued and loaded by Paper Plus to a Member's Big Deal VIP Club Account for every 100 BDC Points accumulated (the equivalent of a $100 spend). Any remaining BDC Points not falling within a multiple of 100 will represent the new BDC Points balance. The Voucher is electronic and not transferable and shall be valid and may be redeemed for a period of three months from the date of issue ("Validity Period"). Where the Member has provided email contact details, the Member will be advised when a Voucher has issued. No change will be given when a Voucher is redeemed for less than its value.
  • The BDC Point Rate, accumulated BDC Points threshold for a Voucher, Voucher Validity Period and Expiry Date may be adjusted from time to time by Paper Plus in its absolute discretion by notice to the Members. Paper Plus may also notify the Members from time to time of special promotions relating to the earning or redemption of BDC Points.
  • The Member may redeem the Voucher by purchasing product from any Paper Plus store or Affiliated Partner. BDC Points cannot be earned on the value of the Voucher being used as part of the purchase value of that transaction.
  • BDC Points cannot be earned on Kiwibank products, Lotto products, NZ Post products and services, account payments, selected technology items, bill payments, purchasing Gift Cards, prepaid postal items, stamps, phone cards, newspapers, photographic services, prescriptions, repairs, reimbursements, charitable donations or products, services or fees associated with an independent agency represented instore or online by Paper Plus and such other products as may be notified by Paper Plus to the Members from time to time.
  • The Member may present their Big Deal VIP Club card (if issued) or otherwise identify themselves by phone number, at the Paper Plus store or Affiliated Partner in order to earn BDC Points or redeem their Voucher. For online purchases made at www.paperplus.co.nz, the Member must log on and enter the relevant details in order to access their Big Deal VIP Club Account to earn BDC Points.
  • Vouchers can be redeemed on online purchases made at www.paperplus.co.nz
  • Vouchers may be redeemed for the full purchase price of any Paper Plus product, and may also be redeemed against part of the purchase price of such product.
  • The BDC Points balance on a Member's Big Deal VIP Club Account can be checked at any time by either logging into the Big Deal VIP Club page at www.paperplus.co.nz or by visiting any Paper Plus store.
  • BDC Points may not be awarded on percentage discount offers, e.g. 20% off books. 

Big Deal VIP Club Exclusive Pricing and Offers

  • A Member may present his, her or its Big Deal VIP Club card (if issued) or otherwise identify him or herself by their phone number in store at the time of purchase to receive Big Deal VIP Club exclusive pricing and offers on qualifying products.
  • Selected Big Deal VIP Club exclusive pricing and offers may be available online. A Member must be logged into his, her or its account to receive these offers.
  • The number of Big Deal VIP Club exclusive offers will vary from month to month based on stock and availability in each store.

Limitations upon Use

  • A Big Deal VIP Club Account or BDC Points are non-transferable and may not be returned, exchanged for cash or cancelled. No change, refund, credit or cash will be given for any unused BDC Points on a Big Deal VIP Club Account.
  • BDC Points or Vouchers may not be used to pay any account with Paper Plus or an Affiliated Partner, or to purchase pre-paid postal items, stamps, Kiwibank products, Lotto products, phone cards, newspapers and any other agency products or services offered for sale by Paper Plus or an Affiliated Partner.
  • A Member's membership of the Big Deal VIP Club will terminate and any accumulated BDC Points on the Members Big Deal VIP Club Account will be forfeited if the Member fails to earn BDC Points in any continuous period of 24 months ("Expiry Date").
  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability that Paper Plus may have to a Member relating in any way to the Big Deal VIP Club whether for negligence, breach of contract or otherwise is limited to the sum of $100. All conditions and warranties whether express or implied and whether arising under statute or otherwise, are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law.
  • A Member agrees to indemnify and hold Paper Plus and its officers, staff and franchisees harmless from any liability, loss, claim and expense related to or arising from a Member's violation of these Terms, from membership of the Big Deal VIP Club and from the use of the Paper Plus website.
  • Paper Plus shall not be liable for a failure or delay in performance in connection with the operation of the Big Deal VIP Club where such failure or delay is caused by Act of God (such as fire, flood or earthquake), state of emergency, war, Act of Parliament, governmental or regional or local authority restraint, legislation or bylaw, strike, industrial action, lockout, difficulty in procuring components or materials, technical difficulties or interference, equipment malfunction, shortage of labour, lack of skilled labour, delays in transit, failure or delays by franchisees, suppliers or subcontractors, failure, delay or inability to obtain any necessary authorisation, legislative, departmental or other prohibition or restrictions, legal action, injunction or threat or reasonably anticipated threat of injunction or other legal action by any person or other causes whatsoever (whether similar in nature or not to the foregoing) beyond Paper Plus' reasonable control.

Security and Registration

  • Ownership of the Big Deal VIP Club card (if issued) is retained by Paper Plus. It is each Member's responsibility to keep their Big Deal VIP Club card safe and its use is that Member's responsibility.
  • Paper Plus is not responsible for a stolen or lost Big Deal VIP Club cards, and is not responsible for any loss that may result from unauthorised use of a Big Deal VIP Club membership or a Voucher by any person.
  • If a Member loses a Big Deal VIP Club card the Member must notify Paper Plus on 0800PAPERPLUS immediately. The Big Deal VIP Club programme no longer requires a card to be scanned or swiped to identify a Member. As a result, Paper Plus will no longer issue new members with Big Deal VIP Club cards or provide replacement membership cards. Members are asked to provide a current phone number as part of their details recorded against their membership that will be used to identify them as a Member in the absence of a card. This enables the Member to be identified as a Member by sharing their phone number at the start of their transaction.
  • If a Member's contact details change, the Member must promptly inform Paper Plus either through the Big Deal VIP Club page on the www.paperplus.co.nz, or by contacting any Paper Plus store. If a Member does not promptly register that change of contact details, Paper Plus will not be liable for any loss suffered by Member as result of any unauthorised use of that Member's Big Deal VIP Club membership, or otherwise.

Changes and Cessation

  • Paper Plus may from time to time amend these Terms. The text of any amendments will be posted on the Paper Plus website. An amendment will come into force immediately they are posted to the Paper Plus website. Members who have registered their email address with Paper Plus for contact purposes will also be notified by email. Any general notices relevant to all Members (or a category of Member) that are to be provided by Paper Plus under these Terms may be posted on the Big Deal VIP Club section of the Paper Plus website.
  • Paper Plus reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Big Deal VIP Club or the BDC Points programme (or any category of membership) at any time by providing not less than three (3) calendar months notice to Members. Notice of suspension or cancellation will be made by posting notice of such suspension or cancellation as the case may be on the Big Deal VIP Club page of the Paper Plus website.
  • In the event that the Big Deal VIP Club is suspended or cancelled, no BDO Points balance standing to the credit of a Member on that Member's Big Deal VIP Club Account shall be refundable or transferable and shall be forfeited. A Member may still redeem any Voucher until the expiry of the Validity Period of that Voucher.
  • A Member's membership in the Big Deal VIP Club may be terminated by Paper Plus immediately if Paper Plus has reasonable grounds to believe that the Member has acted dishonestly in his or her or its dealings with Paper Plus or has been found to have shoplifted or defrauded Paper Plus and/or the Big Deal VIP Club in any way.
  • Paper Plus may terminate the membership of a Member without notice if that Member:
  • fails to comply with these Terms:
  • engages in misleading or deceptive conduct in connection with the Club and/or its programme;
  • does not earn any BDC Points for a period of 24 months; or
  • dies or becomes bankrupt;
  • A Member may terminate his or her membership in the Bid Deal VIP Club at any time by calling on 0800PAPERPLUS (0800 727 377) or via email to bigdealclub@paperplusgroup.co.nz. The provisions of these Terms shall continue to apply to any person who has terminated his or her membership of the Club. Upon termination any accumulated BDC Points or any issued Vouchers will be forfeited to Paper Plus.
  • Personal Information and Communications

    • Paper Plus recognizes the importance of respecting the privacy of its Members. Paper Plus may collect information about a Member when that person registers a Big Deal VIP Club Account and throughout the time the member holds a Big Deal VIP Club Account. Paper Plus (or others acting on its behalf) may use personal information it holds for administering the Club, for marketing purposes associated with the Club and for other Paper Plus marketing and related matters.
    • Paper Plus will not sell or give information concerning a Member to any third party to use for purposes unrelated to the Big Deal VIP Club or Paper Plus purposes.
    • A Member may ask to see the information that Paper Plus holds about that Member at any time, and if the Member thinks it is incorrect or incomplete, the Member can request that it be corrected or completed. A Member is responsible to ensure that information he or she gives to Paper Plus is correct.
    • Paper Plus keeps information concerning the purchases undertaken by all Members of the website www.paperplus.co.nz. However Paper Plus does not keep that information in a form which relates to an individual Member's personal computer.
    • Paper Plus reserves the ability to modify its privacy policy at any time. It may do so by posting an updated version of the policy on the Paper Plus website. Changes apply from the date Paper Plus posts them to its website.
    • A cookie is a piece of information on a Member's computer that helps a member use the website www.paperplus.co.nz. Paper Plus may send and use cookies, but those cookies will expire if the member ceases to use the Club website for a period of 24 continuous months.
    • A Member agrees that Paper Plus may send the Member emails with information about the Big Deal VIP Club or with information generally relating to Paper Plus and its marketing and retailing activities, such as newsletters and product offering announcements. Any such communication will include detail as to how a Member may be removed from the mailing list, if a Member wishes to unsubscribe.

    For further information about the Paper Plus Big Deal VIP Club, please contact Paper Plus at the following email address with any enquiry marketing@paperplus.co.nz or by telephone on 0800PAPERPLUS.