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Thinking ahead or looking for that perfect last minute gift? Our Paper Plus digital gift cards have you covered. You simply choose your preferred gift card theme, enter or select the gift card value, provide the gift card recipient details and a personal message, then decide whether you want the gift card sent immediately or on a future date. The recipient can use their gift card in store by printing the email so the store team can scan the barcode, or online by entering the gift card number and PIN at checkout.

  • Please note that there is a minimum digital gift card value of $10, and a maximum value of $500
  • There is no delivery charge for digital gift cards.
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Paper Plus gift cards expire two years from the date of issue, and can be used in store or online on a wide range of products. The balance can be checked online at at any time. This Gift Card cannot be used for account payments, or purchasing prepaid postal items, stamps, Kiwibank products, Lotto, phone cards, gift cards including Gift Station gift cards, newspapers or any other agency products or services.